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Jazz is hip again

MAYGUS is the new group of Holland based saxophonist and clarinettist Christof May.

The CD was released in november 2007 as part of the series „Jazzthing NEXT GENERATION“ by Double Moon Records. One source of inspiration for this album and the present repertoire is the music of Miles Davis in the seventies. Miles recorded the live album „Dark Magus“ in 1974, which stands out through its high content of free improvisation and very tangible structures at the same time.

After having profiled himself in many various groups and settings, amongst others as clarinettist of Susanne Abbuehl on two CD-productions of the legendary german jazz- and contemporary label ECM, Christof May now seeks for his own roots and finds his play instinct. Freely adapted from Friedrich Schiller who determined that – Humans only play when in the full meaning of the word they are human, and they are only completely humans when they play – and elated by the memories of countless and endless jams in rehearsing rooms, he gathered four outstanding musicians to play with him. With them, he celebrates that specific kind of improvisation, that in its freedom doesn’t seek to avoid structures but can commit to grooves and harmonies.
Another primary element is the stylistic influence of the seventies.

The result is an album, which captivates the listener by its sheer energy, big diversity and overwhelming joy of playing. MAYGUS shows that there’s music around us which merely needs to be collected.
In the end, Christof May sees his group and himself as a medium which teleports influences from the past into presence to confront them with contemporary sounds and means. MAYGUS makes music that adresses both intellect and heart and betimes also legs of the audience.


 Christof May 
 - saxophones, bassclarinet
 Florian Zenker
 - guitar, electronics
 Bob Wijnen - fender rhodes, hammond, synth
 Gulli Gudmundsson - double bass, bassguitar
 Eric Hoeke - drums, electronic


 saxophones, bassclarinet
After his Masters Degree in the major subjects Jazz Saxophone and classical clarinet at the Royal Conservatoire in The  Hague/ Holland, Christof May got known as the clarinettist of singer Susanne Abbuehl, playing on two CDs released by German Label ECM. With her and other musicians / groups such as Wolfert Brederode, Amina Figarova, Trygve Seim, David Liebman, Maarten Ornstein, Eric Ineke, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Nimbus, Jazzmeteors... he recorded numerous CDs and played festivals in all Europe and beyond that in Montreal, Portland, Capetown, Maputo... As a classical musician he played with the philharmonic orchestras of Duisburg, Krefeld and Aachen mainly contemporary music and with the dutch Metropole Orchestra he played concerts and recorded CDs featuring a.o. Terry Bozzio, Kenny Werner, Bob Malach, being conducted by a.o. Mike Abene and Vince Mendoza.

guitar, electronic
Florian Zenker studied from 1993 till 1999 Jazzguitar at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Besides concerts and CD-productions with different groups in the field of Jazz / jazzrelated music  he worked with numerous genretranscending projects as for example the Jazz/ Classic/ Ambient Ensemble NIMBUS of Wolfert Brederode or the norwegian group Trio Legenda with modern arrangements of medieval spiritual chants. His band Zenker/Kappe 4tet with trumpet player Christian Kappe won several international awards. With these bands and his current band Tiny Tribe he played and plays a.o. at the North Sea Jazzfestival and the festivals of Bogota (Columbia), Selfoss (Iceland) and Getxo (Spain).

 BOB WIJNEN (1971)
fender rhodes, hammond, synth
After having completed his studies Cum Laude at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, Bob Wijnen soon became one of the most popular pianists / keyboarders in the Netherlands and beyond. He plays in the dutch West Coast Big Band and produced their latest CD. With his own Hammond-Trio „Wijnen, Winter and Larsen“ and other groups as Urban Daughter, Sioh Maluku feat. Julya Lo’ko he played with musicians as Ack van Rooijen, Toots Thielemans, Bob Mintzer, Ben Herman, Ben v/d Dungen, Jarmo Hoogendijk and Eric Vloeimans. Among others, he played the Jazzfestivals of Reykjavik (2004) and Java/Indonesa (2007).

 doublebass, bassguitar
Born Icelander Gunlaugur (Gulli) Gudmundsson studied contrabass at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Ever since, he is irreplacable part of the Benelux and international Jazzscene. Im 2000, he toured with the European Jazz Youth Orchestra. The Number of great Jazzplayers he performed with all over Europe, in Canada and Columbia is simply too large to be listed here. However, besides his own band Binary Orchid the following groups should be mentioned: the DiLiberto-Gesing Quartet with Klaus Gesing, Eric Vloeimans’ Gatecrash, Natasza Kurek Group, Claudio Puntin, Ben Herman, Frank Giebels, John Engels,, Stephane Galland, John Marshall, Harry Sokal, Dave Liebman, Bill Dobbins, Ack van Royen, Arve Hendriksen, Eric Ineke, Jasper van 't Hof, Tony Lakatos, Christoph Erbstosser, Rob van Bavel, Ben van der Dungen, Martijn Vink, Mike Del Ferro and the Dutch Jazz Orchestra. Since 2003 he teaches jazz-doublebass at the Royal Flemish Conservatoire in Antwerp.

 ERIC HOEKE (1968)
drums, electronics
Eric Hoeke studied drums at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. He is widely regarded as one of the most revolutionary drummers and soundarchitects of The Netherlands and therefore performed with many internationally succesfull bands. He played with the spectacular New Cool Collective and with French Kiss. He is the drummer of SFEQ 3000, VOER, DASH and Praful. With these bands and his own groups Vito Brothers and Ehook & Dragon he can be heard and seen on national and international radio and television on a regular base and at festivals in amongst others Vilnius, Danbi Arezzo, Mumbay and Istanbul.
He teaches drums and ensembleplaying at the Conservatoire of Amsterdam.